[14/07/2011] Artikel in OIKOTIMES.COM over de nieuwe CD van D'NASH en hun Europese plannen!

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[14/07/2011] Artikel in OIKOTIMES.COM over de nieuwe CD van D'NASH en hun Europese plannen!

Bericht van Rania op do jul 14, 2011 11:58 pm

D'Nash new album and ESC plans

D´Nash, the boy band that participated at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2007 on behalf of Spain recently talked to the web Eurovisionary during their promo tour for their new album called Garabatos.

The album has been already under promotion in Spain, and the band has been invited to Finland and in the coming days they will also be performing in Sweden, they declared in fact that they´d love to go anywhere they are invited to. As simple as that.

About the new album, they just say they are very proud of it, as all songs have been written by themselves and that means something special, as they state you do deliver better when you sing your own words that you have written before. In addition, with this new album, their fans will be able to get to know them better, as a DVD is packed together with the album, letting everyone know how Basty, Javi and Mikel are in real life.

Although some years have already passed, they are still very thankful to Eurovision song Contest, they say they were impressed when performing in front of such a big audience, as the most remarkable memory, and after the contest they managed to have 23 fan clubs in 23 different countries, so, therefore…”Eurovision? Yes, we would love to repeat” , they confirm, but not only that, they send out a clear message to whoever wants to catch it….”we love acting” , “we would love to make a movie or a Musical”..good for them!

Bron: http://www.oikotimes.com/eurovision/2011/07/14/dnash-new-album-and-esc-plans/

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