Interview van Mikel voor "Niji Magazine" - Londen!

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Interview van Mikel voor "Niji Magazine" - Londen!

Bericht van Rania op za maa 02, 2013 10:18 pm

Michael ‘Mikel’ Hennet Sotomay was born 20 January 1983 and is a member of the boy band D’Nash. He is known simply as Mikel. Mikel studied audio-visual communications in the United Kingdom. He has experience as a model and salsa dancer.

Hi Mikel, tell us about your background and growing up in Spain?
My name is Michael Hennet Sotomayor. I was born in Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife, and I’m the youngest of three brothers. I grew up in a ‘worm family’ environment, able to play outdoors every day with my friends, after school on the beach, on bikes or just watching the afternoon pass by.

I went to an English-speaking school, where my friends were from many different countries, and soon started theatre. At the age of six, I was already a member of ESTA, English Speaking Theatrical Association.

I studied my degree in Southampton and landed in Madrid in 2004.

Who are your biggest musical influences?
I love all kinds of music. I was very influenced by my brother and sister who studied in England and brought all the greatest hits of the 90s home. I remember 2pac, Boyz 2 Men, The Cardigans, TLC, Guns and Roses, Annie Lennox, Roxette, Whitney, Tracy Chapman, MC Hammer, Fugees… actually I listen to everything.

If I have to name a few, I would say Jessie J above all, David G, and Leona Lewis, a Mexican group called Reik, Pink, and Coldplay.

You studied Media Communication at Southampton University, what made you pick that subject?
Actually, I really wanted to study drama, but my parents forced me to study something ‘for real’ (Laughs). I actually thank them for it. I picked that degree because it was related, in a way, to my area.

I read you dabbled in a little modelling, how did that come about?
Well, when I was in ESTA, the director took me to a casting for a film. They picked me, and after that a publish agency became interested in me and therefore I started doing publicity campaigns and photo shoots.

Suddenly I was already working in that world at the age of just 12.

What are your interests apart from singing?
I miss acting, that’s why I never stop doing things related to the stage. I love sports – tennis, swimming and paddling.

I also love scuba diving spending time at the beach with my friends and family, the sun and walking in the open air.

I’m a ‘normal person’ who enjoys life as much as I can.

You’ve been working on the Spanish version of ‘The Voice’ – how did you find it?
It was an amazing experience. I can say I have been part of the most important TV programme in the history of Spanish TV. Hope I can keep working with the Voice. Although I must say I prefer being on stage than below it! (Laughs).

You’ve got your own TV show called ‘Tu Tienes la Palabra’ what made you decide to do it?
One day I was talking with a friend, who has been working on Spanish TV for several years, it came out. We started doing radio, but the same programme eventually ended up on TV. We are working hard still, hopefully we will soon start recording.

You’ve done a little bit of solo work, but you’re also in a band called D’NASH, how does it feel to be the first Spanish boy band?
It has been the best experience of my life. We have been together for eight years: five albums, more than 200 concerts in and out of Spain.

We have the most amazing and faithful fans and have lived amazing moments together. I really don’t know if we have been the first boy band, if we have been important or well known. I only know that we have made millions of people happy with our songs, working in something I’m passionate about. I have enjoyed every single day.

Making people happy and being happy is the most important thing for me.

How did the group meet?
So long ago I nearly can’t remember (Laughs). We were friends before we started with the group. We met a producer and they loved how our voices worked together and proposed us an album.

What inspired you to do solo work?
I’m actually very nervous about it (Laughs), after nearly eight years working with a group, I never thought of doing any solo work even though I have had some interesting offers. But hey! Never say never. I’m up for anything.

You recently performed at Live&Love Music, tell us about it?
Danielle from Live&Love Music has been talking to us about coming to England for a few years. I have been dying to go for a long time, but we never could make it. Suddenly she wrote to me, in the perfect moment, and I was so thankful that she thought about me. It was an amazing opportunity to play live at the The Roof Gardens.

Are you planning on releasing a solo album?
I have had a few offers, but I’m still not quite sure of what road to take. Still want to find myself, being sure of what I am and what I want to offer. I want to do things well.

Where can fans find your group and solo music?
As a solo artist, I hope after the show in the venue on the 22nd of Feb you can see it on Youtube. And with D’Nash, we have five albums, many on iTunes, various video clips and tons of videos on Youtube – See you in London!

Connect with Mikel Hennet

@hennetoficial on twitter


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